of Absence 

'Presence of Absence' is a philosophical concept about the fundamentals of being - the essence of the makeup of oneself. Existence and absence are both conditioned by the idea of being; you cannot acknowledge the notion of presence without understanding the concept of absence. The father of deconstruction, Jacques Derrida, developed this theory further by introducing the principle of trace. Although it is instinctual to think that something is present or absent, Derrida attacked "absolute" presence and absence, believing that things leave traces of their existence.

The body of images that make up the project 'Presence of Absence' document an existence, whether human or spiritual and the notion of the trace of what was.


I aim to create situations where a person or object can leave a sense of presence or a trace of remembrance in their absence. Is it possible to render a room without characters or narrative action and convey that someone has just left the scene or is about to enter? These photographs evoke the mystery of a presence - current, future, and past.


Archival Digital Prints


7 x 7 inches


10 for each size