Growing up I always had an affinity for the night. It was when I did my best work, alone in my bedroom free from noise and distractions. I would find comfort in the subdued light and quiet stillness, losing a sense of time and being absorbed in the moment of creating art. As I became an adult, night transitioned to my biggest fear, paralyzing me with endless hours of worry and the goal of restful sleep.

"An estimated 60 million Americans deal with insomnia in a given year. The condition causes severe fatigue, low energy, mood issues, etc. Doctors are increasingly working to find effective treatments, some of which include over-the-counter or prescription sleep aids and cognitive behavioral therapy."

My muse is the bed, which historically has been associated as a symbol of home and security — the work presents the viewer with a deeper look into my world of nighttime sleeplessness. Images evoke a period of change and uncertainty including decisive moments associated with childhood, illness, and in some instances death. Infinite sleepless nights send the mind into overdrive for those overwhelmed with insomnia.