Art Auction Donations

Artwork included in upcoming Hambidge and Light Factory auctions.

Like many artists, I get asked multiple times a year for donations. Some organizations will give a percentage back to the artist but for the most part it is a "straight" donation with all funds raised going to the cause. I wish I could give to all that come my way, but unfortunately that is just not an option.

Each year I try and select 2-3 organizations, usually one's that I have an association with, to donate artworks. This year I have donated to Art and History Museums Maitland (Maitland, Fl), The Light Factory (Charlotte, North Carolina) and the Hambidge Center (Rabun Gap Ga).

It is especially important to support these organizations if you can this year during these uneasy times of the CoVid pandemic. Listed below are the upcoming auctions I have artwork in. These auctions are virtual and online. (Art and History Museum's has already passed, but I have included pics of the images I donated to them).

Artwork donated to Art and History Museums

Here is the information on the upcoming auctions at the Light Factory and Hambidge.

The 2020 Hambidge Art Auction + Virtual Performance Show

Online event: October 24, 7:30-8:30pm

Online bidding: October 9 - October 24, 9pm

Check it out here.

The Light Factory

2020 Annual Art Auction

Save the Date!

Thursday, October 22 – Thursday, October 29

Check it out here.