• Rebecca Sexton Larson

Intro to Bookmaking

My first experience with handmade books was through a week of intense (to put it mildly) study with pioneer feminist artist Miriam Schapiro.

Miriam is considered a leader of the Pattern and Decoration art movement. Her artwork blurs the line between fine art and craft and is held in museums across the globe. Miriam selected 6 women to work with her for one week secluded in a classroom with no other interruptions or outside distractions - they even brought our lunch into us. I was not only a participant, but also tended to whatever Miriam needed outside of class during her stay in Florida (that is a whole other post). We took a wild ride to the mall for pantyhose one night!

To say she had no "filter" when it came to giving feedback is an understatement. And at the time a major stressor for me. However, flash forward and I can now see how this tool of being straight forward was needed to bring out the essence of these personal handmade creations. At the end of the week most participants were emotionally exhausted, but had produced phenomenal personal and exquisite books.

I have carved out some space on my website to start sharing more of my bookmaking works. You can check them out here.

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