New Work : New Portfolio

I recently started a new hand painting project. For years I have painted black and white photographs using Marshall oils, which are no longer available - plus I have not found a fiber based paper I really like to print on. So, I started experimenting with other ways of getting color into my images.

The new work is based on personal stories utilizing vintage photos and contemporary digital images. Each image utilizes the creation of a digital negative composed of multiple layers that are married through blending and sizing. Once completed the large negative is printed using the van dyke or sepia historic process. This process gives the final prints a certain vintage appearance, fitting with this subject and adding a slightly surreal touch to the work. The printed photograph is altered with hand painting and drawing. The finished images are small in comparison to my past hand painted works, but are still unique one-of-a-kind pieces.

The completion of new work called for a new portfolio box. I chose to have a clamshell box custom made by Bella Forte Designs. They were great to work with and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a specialized piece. Check out their website for ideas and pricing.

There is more to come.... as I finish this work up to share at PhotoNola in December. I am working on the project statement now and have about 15 additional works. A great deal of this project was completed during my recent residency at Hambidge.