Portfolio reviews @ Photonola

I had a great time in New Orleans for the PhotoNOLA event. Evan though it was considerably colder than Tampa and I really didn't take the right clothes.... my first visit was definitely memorable.

There were some spectacular sites from the air as I landed in Charlotte, NC (on left) and New Orleans (on the right).

The review event took place at the International House Hotel, where I also stayed for four days.

I had an opportunity to connect with some old friends and connections from social media. And experience projects and portfolios from fellow attendees.

.....as well as laugh, commiserate and celebrate with new friends.

Participants waited in a separate room until it was time to go in for reviews by some of today's leading photography professionals. Over the course of two days I met with nine reviewers.

Friday night was the Portfolio Walk at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

Each photographer had 4 ft. to set up their portfolios and projects for the public to see.

Here is a glance at the work I shared at PhotoNOLA's Portfolio Walk.