Man- Made Cloud

How to Catch a Man-Made Cloud explores concepts of storytelling utilizing the landscape as a primary element of the photographic constructions. My interest lies in utilizing the landscape as a stage to develop poignant short stories that challenge the relationship between perception and imagination. These stories are based on my seven-year journey as a caregiver for aging parents. 

All images are archival pigment prints in limited editions and two sizes.

The Book of Fears evolved from an ongoing curiosity of people's aversions and obsessions. What makes a person afraid? When does that fear become a phobia? And why am I so afraid of clowns?  This project was created during the coronavirus pandemic which has caused significant fear amongst many. Since I did not have the luxury of shooting on location with models, I chose to use characters found on 19th-century cabinet cards as my models, placing them in fictional settings. The challenge became revitalizing these anonymous historical figures in staged environments that would showcase the desired fear, while at the same time asking the viewer to examine their own anxieties and fears.

Book of Fears


The body of images that make up 'Fables" illustrate popular Aesop's fables, a collection of tales credited to Aesop, a slave, and storyteller believed to have lived in ancient Greece between 620 and 564 BCE.  


The fables, numbering approximately 725, were originally told from person to person for entertainment purposes and as a means for relaying or teaching a moral or lesson.

All images are archival pigment prints in limited editions.