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The Reluctant Caregiver

"The Reluctant Caregiver" illustrates family dynamics past and present, patterns of interactions among relatives, their roles in the family, and the various factors that shape our relationships. The one-of-a-kind, hand painted, and sewn works piece together fragmented elements to form a cohesive entity through the examination of family photographs, letters, and other materials.


The Porch

The Porch series visually documents stories shared on my grandmother's front porch during my childhood. It was customary after meals for friends and family to gather and exchange endearing stories, questionable gossip, and of course, the day's news - laughing and enjoying each other's company on a tiny concrete entryway with two fragile, webbed lawn chairs, and a matching metal garden glider. Sadly, front porch gatherings are slowly giving way to a more isolated culture of internet surfing and social media.


Leavings : Things Remaining

As a child, I spent every summer at my grandparents' house. There in that small white house built by my grandfather were everyday keepsakes, travel souvenirs, and memories. When I was about 12 years old I was told that if there was anything I particularly cherished, I should put my name on it. A yellow post-it note with my name appeared prominently on the bottom of a burgundy vase - from that summer on, I became a collector.

LEAVINGS 003 copy.jpg

How to Catch a Man Made Cloud

How to Catch a Man-Made Cloud explores concepts of storytelling utilizing the landscape as a primary element of the photographic constructions. My interest lies in utilizing the landscape as a stage to develop poignant short stories that challenge the relationship of perception and imagination. These stories are based on my seven-year journey as a caregiver for aging parents. 


Handmade Books

"When I was eleven I came across one of my grandmother's family photo albums. The kind that had a worn leather cover embossed diagonally across the front with the word "photographs," made up of sheets and sheets of black paper, each page containing the personal history of our family. As I flipped through, I recognized the early images of stoic family members, photos of military men, children, and family picnics. But mid-way through, the album took a strange turn. There amongst the photos of family reunions were photographs of a woman missing her head."  This mystery became my first handmade book.

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